You are looking for a specific product or you are looking for a manufacturer for your products. We do this research and establish contacts in several Asian countries.
Once we have found a suitable producer we check whether the products and product-process fulfill the requirements for the European market.
We make sure a NDA ( Non-Disclosure Agreement ) is signed by all parties.
If necessary samples and / or 3d made drawings will be made.
Upon agreement there will be some off molds and mold samples are produced.
After your final approval mass production will start. We will monitor quality and process on location.

What we provide

  • Establish contact with several factories that we currently do business with.
  • Nda , contracts, payments, and mold guarantee letter.
  • Project management.
  • Transport on request.

In what countries

Mainly in Asia , China, of course, we can also conduct research in other countries.

What do we produce?

  • All kinds of plastic and PVC.
  • Hygiene products like dispensers lady bins all non touch and touch.
  • Circuit boards, sensors. brass and copper products moulds.
  • Everything that has to do with iron and steel.
  • Wood products.
  • Electronics both for professional and domestic use

What are the costs

We are 100% confident that we are the cheapest in this segment of consultancy since we arrange everything ourselves.