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Consultant Concepts works primarily in Asia, in countries such as China and Vietnam. On request, Roelof Remijn and his team also conduct research in other countries.

Expertise in Consultancy

After years of doing successful business as the inventor and owner of Eyegiene (the self cleaning toilet seat ) Roelof Remijn is currently consultant for companies who want to have their products manufactured in Asia.

Our products

The product range is extensive, from plastic to steel and wood products. Intermediate products and final products. Take a look at our products.

Why Consultant Concepts?

Consultant Concepts has an extensive network of contacts in Asia. Currently Consultant Concepts deals with a number of factories in Asia. Control and process monitoring is done locally. Because Consultant Concepts arranges everything from beginning to end it can do business at very competitive prices.

Extensive network in China
Experienced doing business in Asia
Factories in portfolio

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